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Our Mission

To deliver express, intelligent, custom solutions while providing an unmatched personalized customer service experience.

Why OST Systems

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OST Systems was created to fill a large void in the security industry. Over the years, many companies have offered great equipment, other companies have offered great prices, some offer excellent customer service and a few have great solutions-oriented technicians. However, it is extremely rare and difficult to find a company that offers ALL of those things TOGETHER. OST Systems ensures a “future-proof” solution that addresses the immediate needs of each client while providing the infrastructure necessary to build out the system gradually as needs change. At OST Systems, the goal is to not only supply clients with custom solutions for today and tomorrow, but to be available for present and future end to end support at a moment’s notice.

OST Systems is committed to their clients and the individual needs that they present. OST understands that every location presents unique requirements and challenges. OST Systems LISTENS to their clients so that they can be assured that the solution extended to them will be tailor-made to their specific needs. OST Systems offers intelligent Solutions through extensive knowledge and experience in the field. OST provides industry-leading equipment and a personalized customer service experience. OST’s highly-knowledgeable and friendly staff is eager to help meet your Surveillance needs.

Wireless License Plate Capture Solutions