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OST Premium Services

OST Premium ServicesAs part of our ongoing effort to provide our customers with the best possible products and best customer service experience, OST Systems offers several Premium Services.

They are designed to keep our systems at peak performance and our clients worry-free.These services are offered to ensure that every system consistently delivers maximum image quality at all times so you can effectively take full advantage of every aspect of our systems if the need were to arise.

They also provide preventative maintenance and special product replacement to keep inevitable unforeseen circumstances and costs to a minimum over time.

OST Service Protection Plan

The OST Service Protection Plan (SPP) includes monthly onsite equipment inspection, preventative maintenance and cleaning of installed equipment covered under the SPP. An OST technician carefully checks all cameras, DVRs and/or NVRs for signs of trouble in order to detect issues before they arise. Cameras are checked for debris, water spots, spider webs, vandalism, etc. DVRs/ NVRs are checked for system errors, hard drive errors, recording schedules and network connectivity. All too often most end users do not perform this type of preventative maintenance regularly.

This can leave a system vulnerable to the many variables that can hinder its ability to effectively secure a property. This can be anything from the system not recording properly due to a hard drive error to cameras not working at the time that is being requested in search mode. This plan is designed to ensure that the entire system is in full working order at all times so that in the event of an incident, the system will perform at its highest level and assist you in obtaining the highest possible quality in playback and recordings necessary. The SPP offers a low monthly payment as well as the piece of mind that the system is at peak performance at all times.

OST Product Replacement Plan

The OST Product Replacement Plan (PRP) is designed to help you keep costs as low as possible when equipment purchased through OST Systems, Inc is damaged due to unforeseen and/or unavoidable acts of nature such as water, lightning and fire damage. This program would also include out-of-manufacturers-warranty equipment that fails within the 3 year term. Normally, in all the circumstances listed above, these items would not be eligible for replacement in any way by the original manufacturer. Replacing all these items can be very costly over time.

The PRP offers a low monthly payment, and the additional cost per item is only a fraction of what it would cost to replace each item in any of the above listed events. Defective or damaged equipment is exchanged so that you can rest assured that your system will be fully operational at all times.

OST Service & Replacement +

The OST Service & Replacement + (SR+) combines both of OST’s premium service and replacement plans (PRP & SPP) into one bundled service with a discounted price. This bundled service is designed to maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of your surveillance system by providing monthly scheduled preventative maintenance (for details see SPP above) and product replacement for extenuating circumstances such as lightning, fire and water damage (for details see PRP above). This plan provides the best overall value and will likely serve as a long term cost saving tool in extending the life of your system to protect your initial investment. The SR+ helps to ensure that your system is consistently performing at its highest level while safeguarding against possible, expensive, long-term, unforeseen costs due to circumstances beyond your control.

OST Premium Services

Equipment Financing

Through our partnering with Direct Capital we are able to offer our clients financing options for purchasing surveillance equipment. Terms range from 1 to 5 years.

Financing Highlights

  • We have rates starting at 5.9%
  • We have $0 down programs
  • We have deferred payment programs
  • Flexible terms and end of lease options
  • We have a 20% larger approval window than our competitors

Direct Capital has worked with thousands of businesses across hundreds of industries with equipment financing, offering affordable monthly payments with a term and buyout option that meets your needs. From this experience, Direct Capital can craft the best equipment financing option for you based on various factors including your business needs, monthly budget, time in business, credit tier, equipment cost and equipment type.

To take advantage of the $0 down for installation and purchase of a new Surveillance system or Access Control system, please call to speak with an OST representative at 321-804-2OST (2678) or complete the Contact Us form and an OST representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or would like more information on OST Premium Services, please call to speak with an OST representative at 321-804-2OST (2678) or complete the Contact Us  form and an OST representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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