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Let the professionals at OST Systems handle your NVR installation or legacy DVR repair. Located in Orlando, FL, we provide residential and commercial install services to our clients.

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At OST Systems, we provide the best network video recorders and security DVRs. Our professional security camera installers can determine which system is right for you.

We'll explain how both NVR and DVR systems work and then outline each system's pros and cons below. As DVRs and NVRs handle video signal data differently, they need different cameras.

In general, security cameras are only as good as your video recorder hardware. So, it's crucial to choose the best video recorder available on the market. Suppose you're looking for flexibility, redundancy, image quality, and ease of access. In that case, a Network Video Rs your best bet.

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    Understanding The BenefitsNVR & DVR Systems.

    If NVRs represent cutting edge technology for security systems. DVRs are often known as reliable, tried-and-true systems. Although debatable, the video quality of DVR systems lags behind comparable NVR systems. Yet, as technology continues to evolve, this gap is getting smaller. The main determining factor between DVR and NVR systems comes down to the cost. Likewise, how the video signal transmitted and the type of camera quality.

    The number of cameras and the amount of activity the cameras will record is always a question. The length of video retention affects the choice of the DVR or NVR. It's important to note that most DVR-based systems are a wired security system. In contrast, NVR systems can be a wired or wireless system. NVR systems are more flexible when compared to DVRs.

    users & tech experts suggestedWhy NVR's Win.

    NVR systems tend to have a higher picture quality and more comfortable installation. Not to mention increased flexibility and native audio support. Likewise, with better quality, NVR systems also tend to be quite expensive. Cost is an essential consideration for the budget-conscious consumer. If you're searching for a top-of-the-line solution, an NVR based system will be best. Record higher-quality video in a digital format with a Network Video Recorder.

    IP NVR's are the heart of your IP surveillance system. Likewise, they support a range of IP security cameras. That's why so many users and tech experts suggest NVR systems as a clear winner. The higher resolution of IP cameras allows you to be able to the intruders' face or plate number. In these use-cases, the higher quality IP NVR's win hands down.

    From 1080p to 4K Ultra HD

    Commercial-grade IP NVR camera systems from OST Systems are compatible with many cameras. Our system has you covered from 1080p to 4K Ultra-HD security cameras. Access video footage from an NVR through a web browser or mobile app.

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    A Better understanding ofNVR & DVR.

    In short, NVR records higher-quality video. They allow systems to scale up much more efficiently than with DVR. If you're starting from scratch or don't have the space to install a DVR system hardware. You might consider a custom build NVR and IP camera solution.

    Suppose your surveillance system has a mixture of CCTV and IP cameras. In that case, you can use specialized video encoders that allow your CCTV to enable connection to an NVR. Another option is the Hybrid NVR/DVR surveillance systems. They exist to incorporate legacy cameras with new IP technology.

    While NVR systems are typically the chosen hardware solution. DVR's still have their place in the market. DVR systems process video signal data at the recorder level. In contrast, NVR systems encode and process the video data at the camera level.

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    1080p HD footage recording.

    Our top-of-the-line DVR systems are capable of recording 1080p HD footage. Utilize your existing coax cabling with HD-SDI cameras. They allow you to send video over coax cable like legacy analog cameras.

    we provide only the best servicesprofessional security system consultants.

    In short, the most significant difference between NVR and DVR is the cameras and cabling. A network video recorder records an IP camera wirelessly or via Ethernet cables. In contrast, a digital video recorder (DVR) records an analog camera via coaxial cables.

    If you are unsure about what recording system is best for your use case. Give our friendly professional security system consultants at OST Systems a call today!

    Our company is growing. Our confident, experienced camera technicians meet with new and existing clients to solve their video recording questions. We are the best Orlando Security Cameras Installation & Repair company. At OST Systems, we provide only the best services. Do not settle for anything less than the very best.

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    specialized embedded systemNetwork Video Recorder Systems

    A network video recorder is a specialized system embedded with firmware to records video in a digital format. Files are saved to a disk drive or other mass storage device. An NVR contains no dedicated video capture hardware.

    CCTV DVR Repairs

    Digital video recorders configured for CCTV security applications record video signals in hardwired cameras. CCTV DVRs have evolved into feature-rich systems.

    They provide services exceeding the simple recording of video. Advanced CCTV DVRs give a multitude of advanced functions over VCR technology. If your DVR system needs repair, give us a call!

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    5 Types of Security System for Your Home Monitored Alarm. A monitored alarm is different compared to your conventional security alarm. A smoke alarm is a generally used alarm system. An intruder alarm is a should if you’re worried about a few burglaries in your home. CCTV Cameras. Security Guard.

    Category: Security System

    According to a recent survey, ninety-three percent of Americans contemplate commercial monitoring to be the most critical function for a house security system. Suppose somebody attempts to break into your own home. In that case, it’s not enough for an alarm to sound- the native authorities also need to be notified immediately.

    Category: Security System

    First and foremost, a house security system goals to protect your property and those inside it from housebreaking, home intrusion, fire, and different environmental disasters such as burst pipes. Professional monitoring companies do that whether or not you’re conscious of the issue or not. They can also help in a medical emergency.

    Category: Security System

    There’s no query that alarm systems deter crime and can enhance the odds of catching a burglar if your own home does get damaged. Security systems and monitoring discourage break-ins. Up to 60% of convicted burglars say they will not rob a house if they discover a security system within the one they are attempting to steal.

    Category: Security System

    Installing a home security system means to guard your home and valuables and to maintain your loved ones safe from potential break-ins by burglars. FBI housebreaking rates of houses state that 1 in three places without a security system will fall sufferer to a burglary compared to 1 in 250 properties with a security system.

    Category: Security System

    Security DVR Installers

    Utilized in multiple use-cases, a digital video recorder (DVR) is a video recording device that stores digital video. Our DVR installers can install DVR systems that affordable and sustainable. These systems support analog video format and save to an onboard hard drive or other external mass storage device.

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    Partnering with a trusted security solution provider like OST Systems, is key to any security objective's overall success. We offer a broad spectrum of security camera solutions to fit within budget restraints. You can trust OST Systems to customize a video surveillance system solution to meet all your specific requirements

    Since 2010, OST Systems has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in Orlando and Central Florida. With a combination of big brain know-how and the latest technology, we provide the best security camera recommendations.

    Achieve enhanced visibility into your small business or home today. AI-Powered Security System features are continuing to evolve. Give us a call today! Learn about what you're missing out on.

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