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High-Quality Security Camera Installation

We specialize in an expansive range of security systems and solutions in Orlando. For both home security cameras and commercial-grade security cameras. We are Orlando’s premier installation service company. We provide cabling, networking, and complete system automation along with security cameras.

50 years of experienceNew Installation Services.

Whether you're looking for a low budget security solution. Or want a complicated premium security camera installation. Protect your home and business with high-quality installation, maintenance, and video management. At OST Systems, we have the capability, technology, and expert camera installation technicians to meet your needs.

We can have your new security system installation scheduled in a few easy steps. Just select the quality you'd like, how many cameras you want, and book the building!

We will take care of the complete system installation. This includes NVR setup and cameras for optimal usage for over 10 years. From a comprehensive CCTV system design. To cabling and installation service. OST Systems has the experience to handle any size project. We have been the go-to company in Orlando.

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Long Terms BenefitsHassle Free Services.

Our installation services guarantee a hassle-free service and long-term benefits. Security cameras result in increased productivity in business places. As well as loss prevention and less risk over valuables stolen. Save yourself the frustration and troubleshooting. Call one of the home camera installation experts at OST Systems.

Install, Inspect, IntegratePremium Installation Services.

Providing Service, Installation, Inspections, and Design Integration. We have the camera products needed for integration into any existing security application. Our premium security camera installation service helps protect your business from intruders and fraud. Our Security Camera Installations include the newest technology in wireless cameras.

State Of The Art Equipment

OST Systems is a preferred provider of state-of-the-art smart home security equipment. For residential and commercial customers. Security systems installed in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

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A brief historyAbout OST Systems.

Founded in 2010, OST Systems provides security systems and premium installation services. For the residents of Orlando, Casselberry, and Deltona, Florida. Our employees support and perform maintenance of clients' security cameras, regardless of their initial installation. We are a locally owned, operated security system installation company in Orlando. We have over a decade of experience.

OST Systems works with both residential and commercial clients. We install security cameras and access control systems on their properties. We ensure our clients get the maximum out of the camera hardware—products like indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks, lights, thermostats, and more.

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With over two decades of field security cameras installations experience, we've had some of the most challenging installations. We have developed a straightforward CCTV Installation Process. It helps to familiarize the customer with their new security cameras.

Quality + ExpertiseWhat sets us apart.

We are experts in project design and development.

We are experts in project design and development. We offer the installation of structured network cabling and security cameras. Also, we provide cable management, wireless access points, fiber optic, and low voltage. We offer CCTV services to both residential and commercial security camera installation clients.

Headquarters in sunny Orlando

We are your number one resource for surveillance camera installation. As well as outdoor security camera installation in Central Florida. With headquarters in sunny Orlando. We provide services for all your security needs, including security cameras, access control, security camera installation, and low-voltage cabling.

Complimentary on-site installation survey

We will address your site installation by conducting a complimentary on-site installation survey. We will recommend the best camera hardware for your proposed location. Our professional installers can determine if a wireless networking solution is viable.

We handle the complete cycle of camera services

Before we perform your security camera installation. We test each of your CCTV cameras, IP cameras, and the DVR or network video recorder. We handle the complete cycle of camera services, from installation to implementation, monitoring, and equipment servicing.

Read what our customers have to sayCustomer Testimonials.

Commercial & ResidentialSecurity System Installers.

We are a premium security camera company in Orlando, FL. We specialize in professional installation, servicing, and maintaining everything we install—all around Florida and the United States. We partner with authorized CCTV manufactures and security camera distribution companies. This saves money and makes installing a robust security system affordable and straightforward.

Commercial clients can have a system installed with features, including intrusion alarms, video surveillance, and access control. A quality system is a cornerstone in defending any property against intruders. With both indoor to outdoor surveillance cameras, you can protect your premises. Other, more complex systems provide a combination of premium security features. We can integrate systems such as fire detection, security monitoring, and CCTV surveillance.

A security system combines components to detect intrusion in its most basic definition—either into a home or business. Professionally monitored security camera systems are a reliable way to stay protected. From affordable small business CCTV surveillance solutions. To large-scale enterprise IP security applications. OST Systems can handle fully integrated video security and access control systems.

How a security system works in a break-in will depend on the system installed. Benefits include home automation, access control, and video doorbell installations. It also offers safe installation and home automation. Advanced Systems allow the owner to control their home's locks and video surveillance from anywhere using their phone. We provide professional installation services for security cameras and access control systems.

Not sure where to being? Start by comparing key components from contract options and equipment costs to monitoring prices and packages. Then, start thinking about installation options, smart home compatibility, and warranty coverage. A typical CCTV security system includes a control panel or a centralized video recorder. As well as motion detectors, sensors, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. To choose the best home security systems cameras. We use a formula that considers multiple factors, such as equipment costs, ease of installation, and customer expectations.

We offer the latest camera technology. Backed by professional security camera installation in Central Florida. From simple cameras to keep an eye on your home and property. To state-of-the-art full High-Definition cameras for your business.

Suppose you own a company in the Orlando, FL area. In that case, you can trust OST Systems to provide advanced business security systems. Our services help keep your property, assets, employees, and customers safe.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFeatures & Benefits.

It takes between 4 hours to 1.5 days to install. Depending on what number of cameras you've got ordered as well as the dimensions of the building. A typical 4 camera system should take around four-6 hours. In general, It takes the same amount of time for a standard office.

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There is no actual answer to this query as each car is unique. However, the set-up time's average size is around 3 hours.

Category: Installation

Hard-wired smoke alarms should be put in by a licensed electrician. Always install smoke alarms per the producer's directions. If it is troublesome for you to match yourself, contact your native Fire and Rescue NSW station for the recommendation.

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So what's the average burglar alarm set up cost? For the simplest forms of systems, you'll be able to set yourself up. You will be looking at spending depending on the variety of sensors you select in your home. Procedures that call or message you.

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In a survey taken by MECP-certified install technicians, respondents stated that the standard car alarm set up takes about 3 hours. The longest set up reported was 5 hours, and the shortest was 2 hours.

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Security Camera Installation

OST Systems provides Orlando, Florida residents with security camera system installation services. Equipped with security cameras and home automation. We also take on corporate and industrial clients and suggest which 24/7 monitoring is the best. Our company offers smart security systems for homeowners.

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A combined experience of 50 yearsExperts You Can Trust.

Partnering with a trusted security solution provider like OST Systems, is critical. Ensure your security objective's success by working with us. We offer a broad spectrum of security camera solutions, from larger premium installs or cheap systems to fit within budget restraints. You can trust OST Systems to customize a video surveillance system solution. Our solutions will meet all your specific requirements.

Since 2010, OST Systems has been the trusted name in home and business security systems. With a combination of big brain energy. And the latest technology, we provide the best security camera recommendations. Achieve enhanced visibility into your small business or home today. AI-Powered Security System features are continuing to evolve. Give us a call today! Learn about what you're missing out on.

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