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The safety of children and senior citizens alike can be enhanced by protecting the facilities in which they are cared for. The fact that these types of facilities were designed to care for and watch over those that cannot effectively do so themselves is a clear indication that their safety is a huge, if not the number one, priority. Keep your property, loved ones and the staff that cares for them safer while within your walls with solutions that are optimized for their safety. Our surveillance systems can be highly effective at not only capturing important events for easy playback, but also deterring events from happening in the first place. A building that is VISIBLY highly secure is less likely to be a target for sexual predators and can be highly effective at preventing the unfortunate but occasional abuse from the staff within. Word travels fast and if you have a facility that is proven to be safer than most, your clients will be at ease and this can ultimately lead to more referrals. Investment in life safety is an investment that always pays you back.