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From the largest hospital to the smallest family practice, nothing is more important than the safety of the patients, visitors and staff. “State of the art” is a norm when it comes to these types of facilities and the safety of patients, staff and property is no different. Most areas in hospitals and clinics are restricted when it comes to access and surveillance can play a large role in maintaining these areas secure. Each area can have unique needs from a security standpoint. Unique needs means the typical camera may not be the optimal solution. OST Systems carries a wide array of high end, commercial grade equipment; each is designed with a unique purpose, but all are designed to protect both life and property. Our user friendly DVRs paired with our full range of high resolution cameras will allow you to effectively monitor both. There are no shortcuts when it comes to health and the same should apply to your security system. OST Systems can give you the proper tools to help you run a safe and secure health facility.