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Take your monitoring system to the next level with IP based surveillance from OST Systems. IP technology allows users unprecedented control over their surveillance environment. There is no need to home run every camera all the way to an NVR. Areas that were difficult or impossible to monitor due to their distance from a DVR can now be accessed. IP based systems allow you to run network wire or even transmit wirelessly in some cases from the camera location to a LAN switch in the nearest network closet. From there you can send the signal over LAN or WAN to your NVR or NVS anywhere in the world. Cameras can also be accessed individually and remotely to make changes in settings. To maximize your results, check out OST Systems lineup of full 1080P HD Megapixel ONVIF cameras. HD cameras add a whole new dimension to your surveillance system by giving you the ability to zoom in after the fact with previously unachievable clarity of the image. This greatly enhances your ability to identify faces, vehicles and even license plates from much greater distances than traditional cameras. OST Systems is ready to customize an IP solution for your business.