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OST Systems introduces VisionLink, our wireless Access Point (AP) system featuring Ubiquiti™ NanoStations, which brings unprecedented flexibility and scalability to your IP surveillance system. Time and labor costs can be greatly reduced by using the VisionLink system to send ip camera signals over the air. This not only solves the problem of how to get camera signals from far and hard to reach areas back to a network video recorder (NVR), but when strategically placed, the VisionLink system can also be configured to create a wireless “mesh” network or “point-to-point” (PTP) network making future camera expansion simpler and less expensive by repeating or “bouncing” the signal from one AP to another. Once the infrastructure is in place, expansion costs normally incurred in time and labor quickly plummet. This becomes quite evident when you consider that traditional hard-wire ethernet cable runs can only be a maximum of 330 feet without the aid of expensive signal boosters. Add to that the fact that that exterior wires need to be protected in conduit and may involve many junction boxes, turns and quite often digging, possibly through roots, rocks, irrigation, buried power lines, sidewalks and even pavement. This normally limits the effective range of your surveillance system and labor costs add up quickly. Deploying a VisionLink system wireless infrastructure can extend that range exponentially since the APs can send high speed links approximately 9 miles line of sight. Ubiquiti™ indoor/outdoor weather-resistant NanoStations can handle up to 150Mbs (Megabits per second) of wireless traffic. Most 1080P HD IP cameras only consume around 8-10Mbs each. The end result is crystal clear high definition video quality and signal strength without interrupted “choppy” transmission even when sending multiple 1080P HD IP camera feeds. Even analog surveillance systems can benefit from the use of OST Systems’ VisionLink system since a DVR installed in a remote location with no internet access can be connected to a VisionLink system to wirelessly send its signal to an area with high speed internet connectivity, allowing you to view and play back files from anywhere at anytime.

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