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Running any business takes a lot of hard work. Running a business where your employees are always on the move presents a whole new set of unique challenges. Keeping track of all your school buses, taxis, ambulances, tow trucks and other fleet vehicles can be a real burden. The road risks are limitless and keeping tabs on one, let alone an entire fleet of vehicles, is a daunting task. OST Systems would like to help you with our GPS-capable mobile DVR. More than just a GPS tracker, this is a state of the art DVR built specifically for the rigors of bumpy roads and bumper to bumper traffic. Along with allowing you to accurately track each vehicle, our remote software will let you monitor speed and braking, as well as, see up to four vehicle-mounted cameras remotely. Audio can also be monitored. This type of solution is invaluable in situations that normally rely on someone’s word. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so video must be priceless. Vehicular accidents, speeding, erratic driving, moving violations, vehicle theft/damage…. Sound familiar? See what really happens, protect your staff & business investment and rest easy. OST Systems has got you covered.