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Security Camera System Solutions

Looking for a simple home security solution? Or are you searching for an elaborate security camera installation for your Orlando business? OST Systems is the local security company you can rely on.

commercial-grade securityOur Solutions.

Add an additional layer of protection to your home or business with a home security system or commercial security cameras from OST Systems. We are your single source for professional security camera systems at affordable prices. Give us a call today. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff is standing by to take your call.

OST Systems is a premier organization that provides the best security solutions for homeowners and businesses in Orlando. At OST Systems, we don't just install your security cameras. We provide additional support to ensure that your cameras continue to work correctly. Our security camera systems are fully featured, secure, and simple to use.

Our security solutions range from primary home security cameras to complete business security systems, including integrated video analytics.

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Learn more by scheduling a free on-site surveillance system consultation.

    highly efficient camera systemfully integrated video surveillance

    We offer comprehensive, fully integrated video surveillance cameras and security systems. Also, we provide custom solutions for both big or small business. Our highly efficient camera system installations will help protect your business.

    high-definition security cameraClear images in 4k resolution.

    Today's home security cameras are more reliable than ever. They provide sharp & clear images in 4k resolution. We offer the installation of a high-definition security camera that delivers clear and precise video even in low light conditions.

    At OST Systems, we only install the best HD security cameras to cover every inch of your business. No matter how big or small, you no longer have to suffer from grainy, helpless videos.

    HD video surveillance systemsUnparalleled business security.

    When it comes to your business's safety and security, video surveillance and security cameras are a must. Our HD video surveillance systems feature remote access, video monitoring, and video verification.

    These featured services offer unparalleled business security. Security cameras improve your employees' and customers' safety and help prevent vandalism, theft, and other crimes.

    Security SystemsPopular Products.

    Entrust Us

    Forget the low-quality DIY Security Camera headaches. Entrust us to take care of your security camera installation. Ask us about home security system and smart home automation integrations.

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    NVR, DVR & MoreVariety of security systems.

    Browse through the various types of security camera systems we offer (analog, digital IP, wired, or wireless) to determine your surveillance needs' best security plan. Standard features of all our systems include motion-activated recording, remote Internet access, indoor and outdoor cameras, and infrared vision at night to see in complete darkness.

    Choose from multiple camera kits, professional CCTV systems, or a few hidden cameras. At the heart of each surveillance system is a Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder that can keep you safe for days, weeks, or even months.

    IP cameras have additional features that can't be provided by analog cameras. We offer IP security cameras with digital video recorders or NVR's to help protect your business, regardless of type or size.

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    Whether you are starting to build a new system or adding an existing one. Our camera installers can upgrade your system with the latest security equipment and software.

    Peace Of MindProtect your home or business.

    With OST Systems, you achieve peace of mind knowing that your small business is safe. We provide custom solutions. In other words, whether you require weatherproof cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, or audio-enabled cameras. We can build a custom security camera system solution.

    Our team of experts develops a strategic plan to help protect your home or business. During our initial site consultation, we walk your property with you. We provide recommendations for a security system hardware that best suits your use case. Our seasoned industry professionals will review your floor plan and identify security challenges. We ensure that every square inch on your property is covered.

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    Read what our customers have to sayCustomer Testimonials.

    Give us a callQuality security camera system

    A high-quality security camera system can contribute to your peace of mind as a business, property, or homeowner and can also provide valuable insights to your customers and neighbors. Now that you are ready to start purchasing the system, it's time to give us a call.

    Once we settle on which security solution plan is best for your scenario, we provide a date for the installation. Our technicians will install, focus, and properly configure your security cameras during the installation to ensure maximum protection.

    We will walk you through deciding the type and number of cameras, sensors, detectors, and alarms you will need. No matter where you're located or how many security cameras you need, call us today. You will be amazed at our competitive price and the quality of customer support we offer. Our communication with our customers is essential. We make it a point to directly contact them, providing an effective video input service and fast response.

    We specialize in the installation and repair of home security cameras. Our installers have the skills to install fully featured, professional-grade security solutions. Our solutions are easy and straightforward to use.

    OST Systems is a preferred provider of commercial-grade security solutions. We only utilize quality security hardware designed to endure the elements. Our mission is to provide solutions to secure your commercial business within your budget.

    Frequently Asked QuestionsFeatures & Benefits.

    It takes between 4 hours to 1.5 days to install. Depending on what number of cameras you've got ordered as well as the dimensions of the building. A typical 4 camera system should take around four-6 hours. In general, It takes the same amount of time for a standard office.

    Category: Installation

    There is no actual answer to this query as each car is unique. However, the set-up time's average size is around 3 hours.

    Category: Installation

    Hard-wired smoke alarms should be put in by a licensed electrician. Always install smoke alarms per the producer's directions. If it is troublesome for you to match yourself, contact your native Fire and Rescue NSW station for the recommendation.

    Category: Installation

    So what's the average burglar alarm set up cost? For the simplest forms of systems, you'll be able to set yourself up. You will be looking at spending depending on the variety of sensors you select in your home. Procedures that call or message you.

    Category: Installation

    In a survey taken by MECP-certified install technicians, respondents stated that the standard car alarm set up takes about 3 hours. The longest set up reported was 5 hours, and the shortest was 2 hours.

    Category: Installation

    Industrial Security Cameras

    OST System is a leading supplier of industrial quality security cameras. We provide indoor and outdoor solutions for all your Industrial security system needs. Not sure how to get started? We offer effective consulting services to clients operating in multiple industrial segments.

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    A combined experience of 50 yearsExperts You Can Trust.

    Partnering with a trusted security solution provider like OST Systems, is key to any security objective's overall success. We offer a broad spectrum of security camera solutions to fit within budget restraints. You can trust OST Systems to customize a video surveillance system solution to meet all your specific requirements

    Since 2010, OST Systems has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in Orlando and Central Florida. With a combination of big brain know-how and the latest technology, we provide the best security camera recommendations.

    Achieve enhanced visibility into your small business or home today. AI-Powered Security System features are continuing to evolve. Give us a call today to see what you're missing out on.

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