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Industrial Video Surveillance Systems.

OST Systems is your number one resource for industrial security camera installation in Orlando, FL. Industry sized service and a fraction of the cost.

50 years of experienceIndustrial Security Solutions.

Mindful facility operators in Orlando understand how important CCTV and video surveillance are. Regardless of which type of industrial operation you run. Or the size of the manufacturing building you manage. It's vital to have a security solution, whether video surveillance or security cameras.

Enhance personnel safety, site security, and process productivity. Combined with the advanced industrial camera technologies. We provide remote monitoring solutions for large scale video surveillance systems.

OST Systems specializes in the design, integration, and support of video surveillance installations. We also provide solutions for electronic access control systems for industrial clients. We serve several industrial verticals, such as retail, transportation, and finance. Likewise, we provided security camera solutions for the government, education, and healthcare sectors.

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Industrial GradeWe deliver premium security solutions.

We are more than the typical Orlando camera installation company. At OST Systems, we deliver security solutions combined with premium hardware and industrial video management. Notably, alongside our full-featured systems with advanced analytics and storage. We provide network infrastructure services and support.

Likewise, we provide advanced machine vision systems and smart building video surveillance solutions. As such, our inventory consists of IP cameras and accessories. Our product lines include IP and CCTV security cameras. As well as digital and network video recorders. The OST Systems professional technicians tackle smaller scope projects such as cabling wireless access points.

easy to use & cutting edgeExpert consulting services.

We are Orlando's top systems integrator and offer expert consulting services. We also design, service, and support premises related security products. Likewise, we provide surveillance solutions for upgrading from analog to digital. Or the transition from a coax-based system to a full Network IP camera-based system.

Here at OST Systems. We know that protecting your industrial property begins with providing quality installation services. Not to mention an "easy to use" cutting edge surveillance security camera system. We ensure you get the right equipment you need for your use case installed. Likewise, your surveillance system performs and protects you and your bottom line.

Florida's number One

When it comes to choosing the best Video Surveillance Companies in Orlando, Fl. OST Systems is your number one resource for everything security.

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via your mobile phone, tablet, or laptopSecurity camera system 24/7.

With remote monitoring technology from OST Systems, we make it easy. You can access your security camera system 24/7 via your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Designed to secure, protect, we offer affordable and premium installation services. Track your company and employees with our reliable indoor/outdoor surveillance system. When it comes to your business security, our camera systems yield a high investment return.

Industrial facilities managers can consider several video storages services for their CCTV footage. An on-premises recording is often cheaper. However, storing security camera footage offsite on AWS is actually a decent bang for your buck. This is true when compared to higher prices from CCTV companies.

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To protect yourself, your business, employees, and customers. You need reliable commercial surveillance camera system equipment. Improve productivity with state-of-the-art commercial video camera systems.

OST Systems is licensed and insuredComprehensive remote security camera solution.

Even though there are several security companies in Orlando. We can confirm, only a few will manage to match our experience and offer everything you need. Often, we receive requests from clients who suffered poor quality workmanship from other companies. Don't get stuck with terrible or incomplete work; get it done right the first time. OST Systems is licensed and insured.

Industrial & commercial-grade security camera systems are what we specialize in installing. Get in touch with our knowledgeable cam team today. Learn more about how we provide a comprehensive remote security camera solution. Get the monitoring solution for the manufacturing facility property you want and need. We are local and experienced. Our consultants and trained service technicians will handle your industrial video surveillance project. We will be there to support you from start to finish and beyond. Call us today.

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Read what our customers have to sayCustomer Testimonials.

IP security video systemsSecurity Camera Installation Company

Our complete service for industrial security camera installation is what you need. We help plan, position, and install your surveillance devices for industrial clients looking to stay current and remain scalable. OST Systems installs IP security video systems.

Video Surveillance Companies

Our video surveillance professionals can integrate new IP cameras into your existing network or IT architecture. Or design and build the networks needed. OST Systems works with industrial clients around Central Florida. We help to establish customized business security solutions.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsFeatures & Benefits.

How to view IP Cameras from an online browser 1. Connect the camera to your network. Then, connect to the camera in your network IP. 2. Determine the camera's IP address. Step 3: Use the Config Tool to find the camera and alter your camera's IP tackle. Four. Step four: Access the IP camera using your internet browser.

Category: CCTV

Modern CCTV systems can be monitored through mobile phone apps that allow folks to view reside footage of their house from wherever they've internet protection. Some systems present movement detection, so an alert can be dispatched to a cellphone when movement is detected.

Category: CCTV

Visible Surveillance Cameras could also be Deterrent. A visible camera deters a crime from being committed. However, not all data reveals that visible surveillance techniques have an effect. There is plenty of other research that shows such systems haven't any impact in any respect.

Category: Security Camera

There are many security cames available on the market at the present time. But most of them work with wi-fi. Hardwired cams are always the best option

Category: Security Camera

The greatest approach to report a security cam is to use an NVR (Network Video Recorder) or a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Most NVRs and DVRs come with a built-in HDD with giant capacity, corresponding to 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, etc. And you'll be able to set up an external arduous disk drive via e-SATA on the NVR/DVR for extra storage.

Category: Security Camera

Pros and Cons of Cctv. CCTV cameras have been proven to scale back Crime when used effectively. CCTV Is A Cost-Effective Solution. People Feel Safer. CCTV Doesn't Stop Crime. CCTV Is Expensive and Can Be Broken. CCTV Is Used to Spy on People.

Category: Security Camera

Camera Installation Companies

Let us install a proven security camera system for your industrial use case. As one of Orlando's leading camera installation companies, we provide crystal clear video. Likewise, they offer flexible video storage options and scalability. As your security needs change in the future, our IP Camera systems adapt.

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A combined experience of 50 yearsExperts You Can Trust.

Partnering with a trusted security solution provider like OST Systems, is key to any security objective's overall success. We offer a broad spectrum of security camera solutions to fit within budget restraints. You can trust OST Systems to customize a video surveillance system solution to meet all your specific requirements

Since 2010, OST Systems has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in Orlando and Central Florida. With a combination of big brain know-how and the latest technology, we provide the best security camera recommendations.

Achieve enhanced visibility into your small business or home today. AI-Powered Security System features are continuing to evolve. Give us a call today! Learn about what you're missing out on.

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